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We may not be able to cure every patient, but we can offer to heal them emotionally and spiritually.     We believe the healing process involves body, mind and spirit and our Patient Advocate is an important part of the team approach to healing the whole person. How we feel emotionally affects how we feel physically and we believe patients who feel cared for and understood tend to heal better.

Patient Advocate 

As Dr. Hirsh closes his practice Karen will be continuing to lead support groups in the local Hanover area.  She can be reached at to be placed on the mailing list to receive monthly flyers with support group information.  

Our Patient Advocate, KAREN WINEHOLT joined the staff in 2015 after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and treated by Dr. Hirsh. She provides emotional and spiritual support to patients and their caregivers through personal contact, phone calls, notes and if requested, prayer.

She also helps patients find local and national financial assistance when needed. In addition, she visits hospital and hospice patients upon request. Patients and family members may make appointments to talk privately with Karen in her office. Karen also holds monthly cancer support groups.  Contact her for more information.  All of her services are available at no charge. You can reach Karen at 717-633-1744 or

(If you want to read about Lynn EibDr. Hirsh's first patient advocate from 1996-2015 and her worldwide ministry to cancer patients through her published books and speaking travels, visit her website at .You can also sign up for Lynn's weekly email "Wednesdays Word to the Weary" at


Helpful Resources

We additionally have extensive resources for patients as well as children and teens with family members facing cancer and helpful information for caregivers.

We also offer free hats, scarves, bandanas and turbans, as well as free samples of nutritional supplements, such as Boost and Ensure.

For information about wigs, mastectomy supplies and other really helpful resources for women facing cancer, please visit or call Lifechanges Boutique at 717-633-1111

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